Sunbreeze Renewables

  • Sunbreeze Renewables is “Solution Provider” for your Energy Requirements.
  • We Take away the Pains in Project Execution by making the project Shovel ready for you.
  • We have Already Developed Renewable Energy Projects for Various C&I Clients.
  • We also have a robust pipeline on which work is on.
  • With a Nationwide Footprint, Sunbreeze is already working in various states.
  • We’ve Had the Privilege of being Associated with Large and Established C&I Clients Like TATA Power, Aditya Birla Group, SPRNG Energy (Shell Group) and Ampyr Energy.
  • Understanding the Landscape and framework of Renewable energy in India coupled with association and exposure to various Stakeholders makes up the most suitable partner/Solution Provider for you.


Sunbreeze is a unique company which is into renewable energy segment as an infrastructure and project management service provider. Sunbreeze as an enterprise spearheads the field of renewable energy development in India by providing targeted services which help faster and more efficient implementation footprint.
We provided the necessary infrastructure facilities to green Energy Enterprises for establishing their plant across the country irrespective of technological route that they choose to take.



SUNBREEZE aims to fulfill your project needs in Green Energy Segment irrespective of the chosen technological pathway of the company. Through our infrastructure and project management services we help companies bridge the gap between an amazing concept and a functional and operational project.
Sunbreeze Ensures that you as an enterprise have the comfort and bandwidth to concentrate on the core competencies of your organization rather than spreading yourself thin for bridging the gap between the plan and the successful execution.
Learning from early success we have ensured that we have the requisite industry expertise from across all relevant segments to enable us aid your efforts in a seamless manner, owing to this approach we have a rapidly increasing footprint across the country. With your support and appreciation we have reached a stage where we are gearing ourselves up for global outings as well.

Our Services Suite

OUR OFFERINGS – Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Land Acquisition

• Government and Private Land
• Purchase / Lease
• Land Development (leveling/fencing)
• Title Free, Free from encumbrances/ encroachment

Permits & Approvals

• Land Conversion
• NA
• Local administration

Power Evacuation

• Connectivity Approval
• Row
• Line Stringing and tower evacuation



Rooftop Solar power plants set up inside Industrial premises assist with balancing power utilized from the framework bringing about gigantic long-haul reserve funds for your business.

Easy & Predictable Savings

Quick Installation

Low Maintenance

No Regulatory Risk or Expenses



Open Access Solar plants can fulfill over 70% of large industrial power demands by supplying electricity from solar plants that are set up away from the industrial premises.

Transition 100% of Power Demand

No Facility Upgrade Needed

Long-term Power Certainty

Flexibility with Power Banking

Successfully completed work in 7 States
in the last 20 years …

Including Karnataka, Telangana, Odisha, Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan


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