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Open Access Solar plants can fulfill over 70% of large industrial power demands by supplying electricity from solar plants that are set up away from the industrial premises. Power is delivered through the existing connection to the Grid, and excess power can be banked to be used later.


Transition 100% of Power Demand

No Facility Upgrade Needed

Long-term Power Certainty

Flexibility with Power Banking


Our understanding of the regulatory requirements and deep connections with key administrative departments enable us to move swiftly in this first and most crucial phase in project development.


Our experience in developing Open Access and Utility-Scale solar projects across India provides us a significant advantage in spotting the best sites and acquiring the required land for setting up a great project.


Our solar plant designs are distilled from detailed site surveys. Industrial power use analysis and expert power systems designing. We create all detailed drawings and documentation per industry best practices to align with customers before executing.


Adherence to World-class Health, Safety, Security & Environment practices is a part of our culture at Sunbreeze. Our HSSE practices have been lauded by leading Solar Power developers and Corporations alike.



We execute projects with efficient site procedures that have set standards in the Indian solar industry. Our wealth of experience delivering solar projects within Industrial premises makes us an ideal partner for corporates seeking a seamless execution experience.


We use high-performance data acquisition and control systems to monitor all active equipment, including the current-carrying cables in the solar power plant.



Our team of experienced Solar Professionals and Support Staff are always on their toes to act on any reports from our solar plants. We guarantee a resolution time of all significant faults within 48 hours and an annual uptime of over 99% at all our sites. All activities are conducted with total HSSE adherence, and high-quality work reports are submitted post services.


We have a deep background in data science and an obsession with continuously improving the performance of our solar plants. We make this possible by using proprietary analytics systems that alert us on any plant irregularities while suggesting and improving preventive maintenance schedules.



Our ability to deliver high-quality solar power plants results from consistently making great cutting-edge technology choices, extraordinary attention to detail, and focus on customer experience. Over the years of our existence, over 70% of our new installations come from repeat business with our existing customers, and over 60% of our customers have given us repeat orders.